Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas Culture

Avoiding crap repeat tele and decade list programmes has definitely been the order of Chrimbo 2009 so been culturing myself up the last few days. Watched the brilliant Eric Cantona in Looking for Eric followed by Spike Jonze's Adaptation, not so brilliant but entertaining none-the-less, on dvd and then today  hit the genius Ed Rushca at the Hayward followed by the awesome Pop Life at Tate Modern (thanks to Jeff Koons for the hardcore porn room, every gallery needs one). Both made me think I need to go west for inspiration so am planning a trip to California and New York very soon (maybe in time for Cochella hmmm?). But best bit of culture I've seen today comes from the ever brilliant New York Times.
Picturing the last 10 Years

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Candy Cakes

Look like a cross between a scene from Alice in Wonderland and a Christmas shroom session- taste scrumptious! If you're ever in the Goodge Street area of London check out Candy Cakes...

Saturday, 26 December 2009

We wish you a Cherry Christmas!

Once again been a while but I'm back, jobless and free! So expect more ramblings and even more cakes in the coming months you lucky the meantime in the true spirit of turkey and jesus we spent Christmas day at Sarchanar Kebab House on Edware Road (Paddington end), best Iraqi kebabs this side of Bagdad, and have to say what a top way to spend the day - food was yummy and no washing up!

We had some of this delicious bread for Boxing Day brekkie too!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

He's behind you!

Apologies for the blog silence kids but life has taken some crazy twists and turns this last 10 days - anyway yes we did indeed spend last night at the panto Aladdin at the Hackeny Empire and oh my gosh what fun! Took my 4 year old goddaughter and her mate who had a riotously good time (well Lilah spent the whole evening staring at the stage with her mouth agape and Gracie just kept dancing and clapping and laughing randomly - ace!). Here's the dame from last night in a panto spoof about Hackney Empire not closing down.